"Cafe S.O.U.L.'s a beautifully arranged environment with scented candles, sultry lights, and homemade snacks and teas. The open mic is an amazing opportunity to apply your Christian songs, poems, or motivation words or skits. For me, the experience, has been truly a gift where God's presence and fellowship with others has brought transformation and confidence to me. The sacred space, provides a place of comfort and acknowledgement and gives glory to Christ. "~ Ilene Springer [singer/songwriter] Weymouth, Ma. 

"Cafe S.O.U.L.treats their artists and guests with the upmost class. Superb hospitality and wonderful atmosphere! I am always honored to attend and have been privileged to perform on several occasions. Cafe S.O.U.L.'s support team is awesome! They do a wonderful job investing time and energy into other artists, ministries, and non-profit organizations. I look forward to Cafe S.O.U.L.'s growth and expansion in the years to come. " ~ Micah [producer/singer/songwriter] Providence, RI

"Cafe S.O.U.L. exudes warmth and hospitality to artist and guest alike. Janne't is such a sweet woman and Contessa is so lively and funny. I strongly recommend and endorse Cafe S.O.U.L.!" ~ Exzavier M. Jones [Minister/Christian Rap Artist] Chicago, IL

"Cafe S.O.U.L gave me a venue to express myself. It allowed me to mold the vision in my heart and mind and transform it into a work of art that speaks to the hearts and minds of others. Contessa and her mom are two of the most beautiful people I've come across. They believe in Cafe S.O.U.L with all of their hearts but even more so they believe in the art and the expression of those around them. I only hope that I can inspire others with my words, but these women inspire others with their sense of being. They have a lot to offer the community and to individuals looking to develop themselves as artists and as whole human beings. They won me over whole-heartedly

"I am grateful for having been able to perform and network among such positive people. I remember when I went to perform last. I came in stressed, late and with a mind full of life's worry, and then Contessa prayed with me before hand and I was to calm and focus. I was then able to share my heart openly on stage, release energy and get into a good vibe. Then I took a plate of that good food her mother made home and replenished the energy spent on stage Much thanks and love!" ~ Cedric Josey [Singer/Songwriter]

Cafe S.O.U.L. has changed my life! It has been a place where God has allowed me to share, grow, and abound. The love felt there is incomparable. I have found support like I haven't felt anywhere else. I have found a sister and mom in Tessa and Mama Brown. God uses the people and the platform for His glory. I have felt His Presence permeate the atmosphere. As an insecure artist, it allowed me to get into a mindset that was less about me and more about worship! and when I get up there, I blend into the background and the glory of God is center stage. I am home there. It is there God has breathed confidence into my lungs and authority into my words. And Every time, Jesus affirms, I've made you for this. Almost everyone I bring to cafe soul is touched in some way. I am so humbled, so blessed, and so honored. Cafe SOUL is family. It's an opportunity for the gifts God has given to be used for His edification and the people He calls His own to form a collective. There is no other stage I feel more comfortable. Where else can I start off doing poetry and end up praying for a complete stranger? I don't know where I would be as an artist if it wasn't for this beautiful blessing from God." ~ Gabby "Queen G" Gibson

"... Cafe Soul... what a lovely venue and hosts Contessa and her mom Jannet. I always talk about venues showing the artist respect, and Cafe Soul takes that to an impressive level. I got an amazing home-cooked dinner (and enough of it for 2 more meals!) along with sweet blueberry tea, a lovely resuable bag to carry it home in, a lovely photo calendar, and chocolate (WHY DOESN'T EVERY VENUE GIVE ARTISTS CHOCOLATE? I WANT THIS TO BE A THING NOW!). The crowd, small as it was, was big with enthusiasm and bought books, so this poet felt loved." ~ Ryk McIntyre

"Cafe S.O.U.L.'s anniversary is coming up and I wanted to share one of my experiences there. To start, the vibe of this place puts you in a place of comfort where everyone is free to share talents. From poetry to music etc. I will never forget the day I went up to give a few spoken word pieces, it was the first time I've ever performed anything. And now that I'm writing this I'm inspired to come up with something new. Congrats to Contessa Brown and cafe soul for successfully connecting people throughout the years, and (more importantly for Rhode island) successfully staying up and running. I applaude you ladies"  ~ Jamal B of J.B Photography

"I was asked to share a memory I have of Cafe S.O.U.L by the founder of Cafe S.O.U.L Contessa Brown. She is an amazing soul who has a heart of a gold. Being around her lights up my day. If you have a poem you like to share, a song to sing, a piece of art you like to show to the community or simply just want to express your inner self. This is the place to go! Nothing but positive energy and love. Happy 7th year anniversary. You are beyond it. ‪#‎cafesoul2009‬" ~ Yoli

"Had a spiritual awakening at Cafe S.O.U.L. about 3 years back as the words flowed out my heart never free styled my poetry till that day! My mind body n soul became one with the divinity that carries my spirit amen. May God continue to bless you your mom your cause and your intention sister. Cafe S.O.U.L. is a spiritual awakening n a true blessing to us all much luv my siste" ~ Laura E.