Cafe S.O.U.L.

Cafe S.O.U.L. will be hosting our annual....
New Year/New Connections Networking
Event. Our Mantra for 2018 is, ''Bringing
people together ''face to face'' in person,
is much more interesting and valuable, the
interaction of ''one on one'' conversation
between each other can break down the 
''wall'' of always on the go, not enough time
and being so busy to have a conversation
with one another in person''.

Yes, I know, we all have very busy lives and 
schedules. This is why, I know our ''face to face''
connections will allow like minded business
professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs,
to expand ones ''contact to connect'' in collabrating
on new ideas, business and discover new
professional opportunities to be gained and able
to utilize. We at Cafe S.O.U.L., look forward to
seeing all who will be attending our annual
''New Year/New Connections Networking Event''!!

''Are you in alignment for a successful 2018!?''

-Dress Code: Business Casual
-Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm/ Saturday 27 January
-Tickets: $15.00/fee includes (1) Free Raffle
Ticket for (Wine Basket) raffle.

-Free Delicious Refreshments/Wine/Bottle Water
-Cafe S.O.U.L. is pleased to announce that
Every1schef... Founder/CEO Mr. Roscoe Lee
aka Chef Roscoe will be attending our event
blessings us with his Phenomenal Pop-Ups.
Which Chef Roscoe will be sharing some of
his delicious samples to taste, as well as having
some cuisine for $$ purchase to go!! Make sure
to have your coins ready !!

*Proceeds will go to our 8th Annual Healthy Heart
Challenge, Cafe S.O.U.L. host for 21 days in the
month of March. More TBA on our annual event
we host every February, which will be this Friday.