Cafe S.O.U.L.


“People are my passion.  I love to see them prosper and have the best!” 


“As a leader of Café S.O.U.L., I am held responsible to ensure a revolution begins.  I lead to create an awareness within people, so they can learn who they are and do what they believe.  I also challenge the way of thinking and believing.  Breaking the mold of pre-conceived thoughts and feelings about Christianity.  How I do this is first giving un-conditional love and respect to every person that comes through the doors of Café S.O.U.L.  I have created an informal atmosphere where everyone is welcomed and encouraged to express themselves freely without restrictions or judgment.  The common likes of genre  that enriche ones Mind, Body, Soul, through the many different mediums  i.e. Spoken Word, Singing,Writing, Dance,Art, Networking, Motivational Speaking etc.

I am aware of the different audiences I have on a daily basis.  Whether fellow Christians/non-Christian co-workers, friends and family, I am able to deliver a message in their style of language.  From Ebonics to corporate America,  I am a social chameleon and am capable of adapting to my environment.  At Café S.O.U.L. venues I deliver a spoken word piece, the word of God being spoken universally.  Most would call it watering down the word of God, but I call it making it relative to the audience I am presenting it to.  It is just as Jesus used parables to relate to the farmers and deliver His message.  We must learn to speak our followers’ language.  We cannot speak to everyone in the same tongue; because we each have unique communication preferences.” 

About the Founder:

Contessa Brown is the Founder/CEO/Director of Café S.O.U.L. She began Café S.O.U.L. to serve as a positive platform for the community to creatively meet.  Born September 4th, she has always been determined to deliver happiness to every person she meets.  She is a grad of Roger Williams University, holding a Master’s of Science in Leadership and Bachelor's in Psychology.  Her next endeavor is receiing her Masters in Holistic Clinical Counseling from Salve Regina University.  In which she started Fall 2017.  She expects to lead the current and future generations to a new level of experiencing art and lead through Café S.O.U.L.