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Cafe S.O.U.L. TM      ''A Place For the Divinely Creative to Connect ''  TM

Our Mission of Cafe S.O.U.L.

Is a portal of Collective Creativity, integrating, healing, education,sanctuary,music,art, and inter-connectivity...To create the experiences of ''THE SPIRIT OF GIVING'' continually through the multicultural expressions of ARTISTS through many mediums of ART (i.e. spoken word, authors, motivation speakers,  business owners/entrepreneurs etc.), . Which we classify as a ''MULTI-DIMENSIONAL'' platform to allow one to creatively express one's individuality, and continue to pursue...''ONE'S LIVING DREAM''...Through allowing the expression of ones passion, using many diverse art forms as tools.  Allows one to continue ''THE SPIRIT OF GIVING'' and each ''VOICE'' to be heard. We present commerce: Cafe S.O.U.L. as a vehicle for insight and for action in the aid of creating a better ''WORLD''...


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On the behalf of Cafe S.O.U.L. my business partner Jannet Brown aka Momma Brown and myself we would first like to thank all of our supporters for the past 8 1/2 years. You truly continue to make the fabric of Cafe S.O.U.L. strong and beautiful. With that said, we have made a decision to relocate and move out of the building we were renting; 62 Dike St. Loft 5, # 302, PVD RI as of March 31, 2018. It is time to move on to bigger and better and this will be an opportunity to better serve our community. During the time of searching for a new location and hiatus we will officially launch Cafe S.O.U.L. Train Pop Up Open Mics and travel around the nation. We will keep you updated on our launch as well as any new changes!!

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

This is a time to celebrate the change and elevation of Cafe S.O.U.L.!!!

New location to be announced in the future. So stay tuned on our social media platforms and website :

Cafe S.O.U.L. recently celebrated our 8 year Anniversary August 29, 2017!!! Thank you to everyone for your continual support throughout these years!! Many more years to come and bigger things to manifest!!!


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